Cat hockey

6 cats play with hockey. You can play using 2 iPhones.


Play mode(プレイモード)

Play 1P : Play with mouse!
Play 2P : Play with friends using 2 iPhones!

6 cats have different ability. Consider with cat's abilities when you select a cat.

Play 1P :ねずみと遊びます

Play 2P :2台のiPhoneを使って、友達と遊べます。


How to play (遊び方)

1. Move cat (移動する)

Cat move to the same direction that you tilt iPhone to the direction. Dodge quickly a ball from other person shots. You can see enemy location from indicater to above on screen.


2. Hit a ball (球を打つ)

You can shot a ball with tapping on a screen. You can't hit a ball without stocks. Damages are different with each cat when cat is hit a ball.





(c)2012 minowayosuke





Stack notes

Stack notes is a normal memo app. If you don't have nice apps about memos and notes, try to use this app. Stack notes has functions below.

1) Color labels

When you want to put a tag, you can use color labels, and you can name them.

2) Flipping pages

If you can't remember titles of memo, you can search memos with flipping pages as like a book.

3) Replace alignment sequence

You can transpose order of memos.

4) Search function

Of course you can use search function.

5) Multiple delete

You can delete memos at once with multiple select function.

6) Attaching memos to e-mail

If you want to use memos for something, you can attaching them on e-mail.

7) Color tags search

If you use tags for categorizing, you may feel want to search memos each categories. Of course you can done with this app.






1.Insert earphone and shake your iPhone.

2.Tap a screen, you can change the sound.

3.Enjoy Rainballs sounds.





Knock on

1.You can play this game with two people.

2.You play each other face to face.

3.Knock on the button displayed on the screen alternately.